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NatureSpirit Model MD300C11 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with easy to read two way flip bright red color LED display, Model MD300C11


        Can measure SPO2 and Pulse Rate accurately

         Two way flip red LED display, excellent readability day and night

         SPO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Rate bar graph display

         Battery voltage low indication

         Low power consumption

         Auto power off  after no finger detected


         Measurement range: SPO2: 3599 Pulse Ratio: 30250BPM

         Resolution: 1% for SPO2, 1BPM for pulse rate

         Accuracy: 2% (70%~99), unspecified (<70%) for SPO2; 2BPM or2% (whichever is greater) for pulse rate

         Power  supply: Two (AAA size) battery


Included Accessories

         One storage pouch and hanging strip

         Two AAA batteries

Intended use

For spot check of blood oxygen saturation level at home, in sport and recreational use, such as mountain climbing, high-altitude activities and running. Not intended to replace a doctor's visit and self and medical diagnostics. This fingertip pulse oximeter is not a medical device and can not be used for medical diagnostic and treatment activities. It is sold without a prescription.